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  • Teeth Discoloration:Prevention & Treatment

    Teeth Discoloration:
    Prevention & Treatment

    A recent study revealed that a set of pearly white teeth makes someone appear far more attractive. This should be enough to send people looking for ways on how to bleach teeth, but few people actually know why this is true.

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    Find a Whitening Product!

    Clinical studies confirm it:

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Do you want brighter teeth?
Most people realize that we want a partner that regularly brushes their teeth - but many people do not know just how important white teeth are for attracting someone.

Human Teeth

Teeth, we all have them.... but how many of us actually know what they are made of? How many people can tell you exactly how many teeth we have (or at least are supposed to have) and what do we know about teeth health?

What are human teeth?

  • Human Teeth
  • Human Teeth
  • Human Teeth

There is so much to learn about teeth, and yet most people have no real clue about what their teeth are or do.

When it comes to the overall number of permanent teeth that we have, there are 32 that we have to consider. Those are 12 more teeth than we have with our original baby teeth. The wisdom teeth are the four teeth that are in the back of our mouth. Oftentimes these do not come in until we are anywhere between 17 and 25 years old. Once these wisdom teeth set in, we have the complete number of 32 teeth.

If we asked you what the hardest part of your body was, would you be able to guess that it is the enamel on the top surface on your tooth? Would you know that no two teeth are the same? We all have a unique set of teeth that are as unique as our fingerprint. We should be proud of our unique teeth - but many people are not necessarily proud of the teeth that they have nowadays.

This is especially true because most people do not take teeth health seriously until they actually notice that they have a problem. Fortunately for most people, there is something that we can do about teeth discoloration and many of the other issues that often plague our teeth.

Healthy white teeth are not only nicer to look at, teeth health is often considered desirable and makes someone appear far more attractive.

White Smile

A study on a prolific website revealed that THOUSANDS of people find that teeth are the most important asset on a prospective date. This should send sales of teeth whitening products through the roof right?

More than half of the people surveyed revealed that white teeth are more important than overall physical appearance when it comes to getting a date.

Benefits of white smiles

Benefits of white smiles

It should come as no surprise either - because your smile is the first thing that people are going to see when they meet you. There is nothing more 'first impression' than a great smile - because healthy, white teeth are going to show people that you take care of yourself and are healthy.

Oftentimes the white teeth are associated with a youthful appearance, which means that you are going to take years off your physical appearance after learning how to bleach teeth.

Why bleach teeth?

Why bleach teeth?

We associate the white smile, the bright, white smile, with a happy person who has a healthy life. Even though there are certain aspects that we cannot control, staining our teeth through excessive coffee or tobacco use is certainly not considered attractive.

The best thing about white teeth is that through the use of certain in-home teeth whitening products, you can bleach teeth and make yourself appear more attractive almost instantly. This has nothing to do with your finances, your social status, your physical appearance, it just has to do with those 32 teeth that are going to make you appear more attractive to others.

Do you want brighter teeth?
Teeth discoloration is going to make people less attractive, appear older, and may even make someone untrustworthy.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

We know that teeth discoloration is considered unattractive by many people, but what are the causes of teeth discoloration? If you do not know anything about the problem itself, you would not know how to prevent teeth discoloration in the first place. When it comes to teeth discoloration, there is a wide range of different causes of teeth discoloration. We are going to teach you about the most common causes of teeth discoloration::


Most of us realize that certain food are going to stain our teeth. What you might not know is that certain fruits and vegetables are going to do the same thing.

Coffee and tea

Certain drinks (including coffee, tea, and sodas) are going to lead to serious teeth discoloration. This is because of the tremendous amount of coloring found in certain beverages and foods. Once we consume these, they are going to find their way onto our teeth.


Both chewing or smoking tobacco can stain teeth. We have all seen people who smoke a great deal, especially those who also have facial hair are going to see a tremendous change in their facial structure when they smoke. Not only is smoking bad for you, not smoking can help you prevent teeth discoloration.


As we get older, we are going to see more of the natural yellow color of dentin in our teeth. This is because of the outer layer of enamel on your teeth that is slowly being worn away. This is going to give our teeth a darker appearance, because it reduces the translucency of the tooth. This is not necessarily something that people do wrong, but still one of the major causes of teeth discoloration.


Trauma can cause discoloration to adult teeth, but we are more likely to see it in young children. Because their teeth are still in development, the enamel formation can become disturbed when there is damage done to the teeth.


There are a number of different diseases that are going to affect the hard surface of the teeth. Treating certain types of conditions may also cause teeth discoloration. Teeth discoloration may be caused by chemotherapy or head and neck radiation for example. There may even be tooth discoloration in infants when pregnant mothers have certain infections.

Luckily, the medical science invented in-home teeth whitening products to bleach teeth and prevent teeth discoloration.

Prevent Teeth Discoloration

We have talked about the causes of teeth discoloration and what may be the reason for teeth discoloration in different people, now we would be remised if we did not tell you how to prevent teeth discoloration to the best of your abilities. There are a few different things that you are able to do to prevent teeth discoloration:


Using the correct flossing and brushing techniques

Even though it might sound exactly like everything your dentist ever told you, it certainly is true in this situation. You are able to prevent teeth discoloration to a degree by taking good care of your teeth. This means brushing at least twice a day and making sure that you floss as well. Flossing is going to remove the residue that might otherwise lead to your teeth staining later on. This is a great way to prevent teeth discoloration while also improving your overall teeth health.


Avoiding foods and beverages that cause stains

Even though a refreshing diet soda can taste great, it is certainly not going to do our teeth any favors – and it will not do a great deal if we want to whiten our teeth. Avoiding certain types of drinks is certainly going to help. It might also be a good idea to cut back on coffee, wine, tea, etc. Even though many of us cannot imagine our life without our morning coffee, the third or fourth cup that we drink may be one of the causes of our teeth discoloration issues.


Cutting back or quitting smoking

We already know that smoking is bad for us, taking the time to quit smoking and not continue abusing our teeth in that manner is certainly going to help a great deal. Even cutting back on the number of cigarettes that you take in every day is going to help a great deal.


Treat teeth diseases, plaque, and caries

This is about teeth health and getting whiter teeth – ask your dentist if there is anything that you can do about your teeth health to ensure that you do not have issues with teeth diseases in the future. By taking proactive steps in treating your teeth, you can be sure that you see the benefits.

Use in-home teeth whitening products
There are a number of in-home teeth whitening products that are going to work wonders, and there are teeth whitening products that are not even worth a dime of your money. The important thing is knowing the difference between the two.

How to Bleach Teeth?

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a number of different ways that you should learn how to bleach teeth. It is important to choose a natural and safe method with as many different in-home teeth whitening products that we have available to us. We will go through the different options available and make sure that you have the right option when it comes to wanting to bleach your teeth. Because remember, bleached teeth are no use if you cannot guarantee teeth health at the same time.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-Office Teeth Whitening

This is professional tooth whitening in a dental office – so automatically people are going to assume that this is where they go for the best possible option. The truth is that there are a number of different limitations when it comes to in-office teeth whitening. The first thing that you want to take into consideration that this type of whitening is only going to affect the front eight teeth.

Because of the high-concentration whitening gels that professionals use, you might not always get the best results for your overall teeth health either. Even though your teeth might be whiter, it is not comfortable to have painful teeth.

This may lead to side effects and any number of different issues. It is also important to remember that this non-natural procedure is traditionally very expensive, it may run you upwards of $1,000 or more if you are getting your teeth bleached in office.






If you have ever seen the ‘perfect white smile’ on someone and it just seems ‘somewhat fake’ chances are that these are veneers. These are going to cover the front surface of the tooth, and will give you a shiny white smile. However, this is typically an irreversible process. If you are not happy with your veneers, that is too bad. If you do not like how they look the first time, again it is too bad.

Oftentimes these veneers are visible to others, meaning that your discomfort about teeth discoloration may turn into discomfort about having to explain why you have veneers in the first place. The procedure can take upwards of two months to be complete, and this is an expensive procedure – costing you more than $3,000 in total.

In addition, you have to be careful not to stain or discolor your veneers. This means that beverages such as red wine, tea or coffee are suddenly no longer allowed in your diet. This makes them an uncomfortable and expensive option for most.




Whitening Gum

Whitening Gum

It sounds great right? You to get bleach teeth with just chewing some gum. And it might even be beneficial in the reduction of v the formation of certain types of dark staining. However, when you look at it overall, whitening gum is mostly just a fad that is not going to make you teeth a lot whiter. If you are looking for significant results, whitening gum is not going to be the right option for you.

Especially if you consider that whitening gum is not able to touch all parts of your teeth eventually, it would even be a horrible idea if they even worked to begin with you. You would have discolored parts of your teeth where certain areas where white and others were not.

Even though these do not hurt and are not very costly, they certainly are not going to give you the best results out of the different teeth whitening products.




Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening Toothpastes

Until around a decade ago, the number of whitening toothpastes on the market was very limited. Nowadays you have a great number of whitening toothpaste options available. The truth is that these types of toothpaste can remove surface stains and plaque with special chemical or polishing agents. However, they are not going to change the actual color of your teeth.

Another problem that many users run into is the fact that they can be rather abrasive. This means you are going to notice a slight difference in the tint of your teeth, but your teeth are going to be extremely sensitive.

For most people, this is certainly not what they are after and does not bode well for their overall teeth health either. If your teeth do not hurt after using these it is not bad, but there are other better options on the market.




In-home Teeth Whitening Products

If you are serious about wanting whiter teeth without risking your teeth health, this might be the best option that you are going to find.

They typically come in a gel or placed in a tray that fits on your teeth. In-home teeth whitening products are usually safe and effective, provide permanent results. You are going to see lasting results that you can actually be proud of – with very little work or money required on your end.

When we talk about the effectiveness about these products, it is important to know that not all products are the same. You want to find a product that is going to work for you quickly, does not leave you with a large mess to clean up, and is going to work without affecting the overall health of your teeth. This is why it is important to seek out the better options on the market, choices that have proven their effectiveness and that are going to offer you the quick and easy results that you are after. Fortunately, we have done some of the research when it comes to finding the best options.




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According to scientific studies:
In-home teeth whitening products are the most effective in prevention and treatment of teeth discoloration.
It is the most effective, affordable and safe method of teeth whitening with more than 95% success rate.

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Clinical Studies

It is one thing to suggest that in-home teeth whitening products are going to work, but you probably want some evidence to prove that point. There are clinical studies that have been able to confirm the effectiveness of in-home teeth whitening products.

There have been clinical studies that reveal that users of the right in-home teeth whitening products are not only able to prevent teeth discoloration and address the causes of teeth discoloration, but the right teeth whitening products could help you get upwards of eight shades of white more in just a single treatment.

This means that a single step of treatment can have noticeable results, and that is something that is verified and proven in a scientific laboratory setting. The only thing that you have to remember is that not all in-home teeth whitening products are created equal – you are going to have to find an option that is going to provide success and has these proven benefits.

Clinical Studies

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